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Parian II™ was chosen for its classical styling and marble like finish. Parian II™ is a material that was created by Gaylord and the foundry through years of long hard work and experimentation. The original material, Parian ware, was created in 1851 as a method of casting sculpture to look like sculpted marble but at more affordable prices. The negative traits of the material were that it was rather chalky, fragile and easily damaged. After seeing this original material in an art museum in London, Gaylord set out to create a similar look without the short comings of the original Parian™. Parian II™ is the updated result of his hard work. Parian II™ creates a warm smooth sculpture that looks, feels and is as durable as marble. Parian II™ allows a classical interpretation of the original sculpture in a medium that is less expensive than bronze or hand carved marble.

In order to achieve the exact look that Gaylord is seeking, the casting must be done at specific temperatures; too high or too low a temperature affects the outcome negatively. It is a delicate and controlled process that can neither be shortened nor rushed.

Parian II™ Care and Maintenance

Parian II™ is a mixture of synthetic and natural materials; mainly crushed marble and porcelain powder bonded with UV protective polymers. The natural materials are fine for use indoors or out. After extensive outdoor testing, no ill effects were found  from placing this material into direct sunlight.

Cleaning is simply a matter of dusting them off with a feather duster, soft paint brush or soft clean cloth. If the pieces become soiled we recommend using a damp clean cloth first. If more cleaning is needed, use only a very light soap and water mixture. Do not use any harsh chemicals on these fine sculptures.

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