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Bronze was chosen for its ability to capture modern poses and its high value as a lifelong work of art. Gaylord is working with several foundries in the U.S. in order to achieve the timeless beauty of bronze but in a modern and updated patina that breathes life into his sculptures.

Gaylord personally has spent many hours working directly with the patina artists to develop the exact look that he feels best expresses the emotion of each individual piece of art. He will not allow himself to be captured by the need to be homogeneous. He would rather make each sculpture a unique expression of the emotion that he feels than have all the figures together look similar. He treats each sculpture like he treats the people he meets in life; with respect for their individuality and differences.

The overall production method of the bronze foundry is very similar to all other lost wax methods of casting. It is the artistry of each person in the foundry, from the artists in the mold making operation, to the artists in the chasing room, to the artists in the metal works section, to the patina artists that make each casting truly a piece of art. It takes the skill and passion of as many as 10 artisans to create just one reproduction of Gaylord's sculpture. Our foundry is staffed by a collection of artists working for artists. Each person there has years of experience as well as individual skills that make the reproduction process work to perfection.

Bronze Care and Maintenance

To maintain your sculpture a light cleaning may be done as often as needed to remove dust and small particles. Use a soft, clean, cotton cloth, feather duster or soft bristle paint brush to remove any accumulated dust from the sculpture. The surface of your bronze has likely been waxed at the foundry and may be lightly polished with the soft, clean, cotton cloth. 

Bronze is a material that will last for many years and may be passed down from generation to generation. Over the years the material naturally mixes with ambient oxygen from the air. This oxidation process of the bronze will, over time, create a natural patina. If you wish to reduce the natural patina / oxidation process then a once a year treatment is required if the sculpture is displayed indoors and twice a year if displayed outside.

To polish and protect your bronze, use a soft, clean, cotton cloth to apply a very thin coat of paste wax to the surface of the sculpture. We recommend Trewax™ since it is a natural beeswax based product. Never use harsh chemicals or turpentine based waxes on your bronze sculpture.

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